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7 Christmas Crafts for Kids

7 Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas time is family time but we know that it can be hard to think up things to do with the kids at home. There’s no better time of the year than Christmas to get involved with a bit of craft, and we’ve tried our best to find some that are easy to make, and involve minimal fuss. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

The loveliest festive cupcakes we’ve ever seen. You could even make the cupcakes from a pre made mix for ease with the kids. Then all you have to do is decorate with frosting, ice around with black piping and pop m&ms on top. Simple!


If you’re hosting a party with little ones around, this giant mistletoe is so easy and super effective to make. Three balloons and two big pieces of green card and you’re sorted!


Marshmallow Skewers. The kids will love making these little guys from three big marshmallows, a rolo and oreo for a hat, a red lace for a scarf and a tiny bit of icing for the details like the eyes etc. Cute!


These tree decorations are made of popsicle sticks and would look cute in any room of the house. They’re really easy to make and the kids will love them too.
These Brownie Christmas tree cakepops are a treat that the kids will love. Use a premade mix, bake the brownies, cut into triangles and decorate however you like!


So simple but so pretty. These candy canes are made from pipe cleaners and red and white beads. It’s great for fine motor skills for the kids and they would look beautiful hanging from any Christmas tree!
Who knew bun cases could be so useful! This festive garland is made from glueing folded bun cases on top of one another, attaching a star and gluing to a piece of twine. You can use whatever colours or patterns that you want and it looks amazing

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